June 13, 2024

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Some poker scams and how to avoid them

Poker is a game that has always attracted a diverse group of players. While the vast majority just want a fair, exciting game of poker, there are others who are looking for an unfair advantage. What are the main scams to be aware of and what can you do to avoid them? 

Collusion among players

A group of players who are secretly working together is one of the most common scams in poker. It can be dangerous, as experienced scammers will know how to trick unsuspecting players into losing a lot of money in this way.

The switch to online poker sites has helped to make this less common. Collusion can still be carried out on online games, but it is more difficult than in a land-based game. You are more likely to see it in high-stakes games.

If you think you have spotted players working together, you should let the website’s security team know. All of the professional sites have security experts whose job it is to root out anyone who is trying to scam other players.   

Unregulated poker sites

Depending upon exactly where you live, there will probably be some officially regulated sites that meet the proper standards to operate there. A good example can be found when you look for the best NJ online casino, as you will see the likes of Resorts Casino. This casino has been authorized by the State of New Jersey, Division of Gaming Enforcement and offers a safe playing experience.

However, a quick look online will also reveal other poker sites and casinos that aren’t properly regulated. Playing on these sites is risky, as you have no guarantee that they operate professionally and will look after you once you join up. Stick to regulated, authorized sites to remain completely safe.

Ghosting and bots

The move to online poker has made the game safer and more accessible for millions of players around the world, while weeding out some of the once-common scams that don’t translate to online play. However, it has also led to some new ways of scamming that you need to be aware of.

Ghosting is the term used when a player looks for advice from a more experienced player or else hands over control of their account during a game. This is an unethical way of playing that is difficult to spot. The most common giveaway is a sudden change in style or strategy from your opponent.

Bots are used to give players another type of unfair advantage. They analyze the game and make the best possible moves in any type of situation. The easiest way to spot a bot is by looking for patterns such as the same stakes being used constantly.

There is no doubt that the move to online poker has helped to give us a safer and more enjoyable way of playing the classic game. There are some online scams to look out for, but if you choose a reputable and regulated casino, you can play with confidence.        



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