June 13, 2024

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Live Dealer Vs RNG – Which baccarat format has better odds?

Online baccarat has become increasingly popular over the past few years. When playing online, you have two main options – Live Dealer Baccarat or RNG Baccarat.

Live dealer baccarat

Live Dealer Baccarat allows you to play baccarat with a real human dealer via a live video stream. It gives an authentic casino experience similar to playing in a land-based venue. You see cards being dealt in real-time by a dealer and interact with them through a live chat function. The video stream is broadcast from a studio or real casino floor. High-definition cameras positioned over the baccarat table give clear footage that you can view. Live Dealer games use real cards and equipment like at a physical casino. It makes the gameplay more realistic and simpler to trust than computer-generated games.

  • Having a human dealer makes the game more engaging and social. You chat with the dealer and other players, replicating that Vegas vibe. It creates excitement and makes the game more enjoyable overall.
  • The gameplay is transparent as you watch every card being dealt in real-time. A computer hasn’t rigged the game against you. It reduces any suspicions about its legitimacy.
  • Seeing inside a real casino while you play gives a taste of the true Vegas or Macau atmosphere. For many players, baccarat is as much about the glitz and glamour of the casino environment as it is about the actual game. The live dealer gives you both.

RNG baccarat

RNG baccarat uses advanced computer software for dealing and executing cards at random. There is no human involvement – cards are generated electronically to produce an outcome. The software includes complex algorithms that ensure gameplay is random and fair. The Random Number Generator cycles through thousands of number combinations every second before selecting a specific sequence to determine card values. Automated processing takes place in real-time. As a player, cards are instantly dealt to you on screen without delay. The computer also automatically calculates totals and announces results after each round.

  • As everything is computer-automated, there is no waiting around for dealers or other players. You move from hand to hand without interruption. It allows for more hands to be played per hour.
  • Some experts argue that RNG games come with better odds. A RNG outcome is purely based on mathematical probability, thus resulting in a lower house edge. However, this varies significantly between online casinos.
  • RNG software is capable of supporting a larger variety of 에볼루션 baccarat game variants. Along with the standard Punto Banco, you’ll also find options like Speed Baccarat, No Commission Baccarat, and Progressive Jackpot Baccarat.


While their odds are similar, most players consider Live Dealer Baccarat the superior format. Watching a human dealer in real-time inspires more confidence in the game’s legitimacy. The live casino environment also makes it a more thrilling and enjoyable session overall. However, RNG Baccarat is faster-paced and gives you more variety. This is a good option when playing purely for entertainment. But for replicating that true Vegas experience, Live Dealer Baccarat is hard to beat.

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