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Xbox PAX Recap


Here is a little recap of some of the things that were shown for Xbox at PAX! So, if you weren’t excited enough about some of the things offered for Xbox, and then maybe some of these things we can see here from PAX will get you even more excited. Let us know what you
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Tickets for PAX east in Boston, Mass. are now on sale. Hotels reservations, The Boston Indie Showcase and panel submissions are also open. Visit the registration page to learn more. The show takes place on March 22-24. Daily passes cost $35 while a three-day pass is $70.  


The video features Gametrailers’ Geoff Keighly hosting a conference with Metal Gear creator, Hideo Kojima, who discusses the past, present and what he projected to be the future of the Metal Gear franchise. Giving insight of the future, viewers were treated to a look at Kojima Productions’ latest game, Metal Gear Solid: Ground Zeroes. Let us know what you think!
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There have been rumors floating around about a new PAX. Some thought it could be in Europe others thought it maybe somewhere in the states. But there is some clarification on a potential city to host a new PAX, and that city is Austin, Texas. Mike Krahulik  responded to a fan question asking if PAX would expand
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Raven’s Cry tells a dark tale of a pirate that is out for revenge. The main character whose village was attacked when he was a young boy is out to kill the man responsible. The attack on his village left his whole family murdered while he was left out to bleed to death. Now donning
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