In the wake of Microsoft’s $2.5 billion purchase of Minecraft developer Mojang, many have been wondering as to whether or not Minecraft will remain available on other platforms. Microsoft has put those issues to bed as they stated their plans to keep Minecraft available on PlayStation, IOS, and Android in their official statement released earlier
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Minecraft is now available for the PlayStation 3. The game can currently be purchased in the PS Store for $19.99. Previously exclusive to PC and Xbox 360, Minecraft for PS3 has been completely updated to match all other versions. Mojang,the creators of Minecraft, have also put out a free demo for those of you unfamiliar
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Mojang is live streaming a game jam over the next 3 days to raise money for charity: Block by Block and the Electronic Frontier Foundation. They are joined by indie game development studios Oxeye, Wolfire Games, Vlambeer, Ludosity and Grapefrukt. Check it out now at:http://www.humblebundle.com. Last year, the collaboration raised more than $450,000 for charity.