Mojang is live streaming a game jam over the next 3 days to raise money for charity: Block by Block and the Electronic Frontier Foundation. They are joined by indie game development studios Oxeye, Wolfire Games, Vlambeer, Ludosity and Grapefrukt. Check it out now at: Last year, the collaboration raised more than $450,000 for charity.


In my personal opinion I think this is one of the biggest Humble Bundle‘s that has been released! Mainly because this one isn’t filled with a bunch of indie games (not that there is anything wrong with that, at all!) But, this one actually seems to be sponsored by THQ… what does that mean for
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humble bundle 5 sales

It should come to no shock that Humble Bundle 5 sold wonderfully! But not even anything compared to what the other bundles have done previous. They shattered any records that could have been imagined! They closed their two-week run with $5.1 million raised! This is a huge number without even thinking about what it is
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The Indie Movement

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I love indie games, if you couldn’t tell by how a vast majority of my articles are about them. Now I’m not going to pull the whole “I liked indie games before they were popular” because I probably didn’t. To be honest, I didn’t even know about them until less than a year ago when
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If you’re reading this the moment I posted, then there’s still time to chip in to the Humble Bundle Mojam. If you’re reading this an hour later, than you’re too late! There’s only one hour left to get this unique bundle. For those of you who don’t know, the Humble Bundle Mojam is being created
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