Now that we all know that the next gen consoles are being developed we have all been speculating and starting rumors about the hardware and we may as well just add to this. The good thing about this current gen is that all the rumors are somewhat similar and devs already have Orbis and granted the specs may differ
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xbox 720 image fake

This is a question that has become a hot topic with a lot of my friends. Especially now that the rumors are growing about future consoles (The ‘PS4′ and ‘Xbox 720′). Who knows what the future consoles are going to be named, when they are actually ever going to come, but most of all… who
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Dark Souls: Prepare to Die Editon, which launched on PC this August, had some extra content not available on consoles called Artorias of the Abyss which contained new items, bosses, and areas amongst other things. But it was announced that Prepare to Die Edition will be heading to console on October 26. Nacmo has also announced that Artorias of the Abyss will
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Neo Geo X Gold


The Neo Geo X Gold is a reincarnation of the Neo Geo Pocket. This rebirth will come pre loaded with 20 games, an arcade stick, and a docking station all for 200 bucks. The console looks great and the titles that come with it are rather good titles. The reincarnation is set to release on
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The Halo 4 console bundle will include a standard edition of Halo 4 and a 320GB with two custom Halo 4 wireless controllers with Halo designs and blue LED lights as well as a black Xbox 360 headset. Players will also receive exclusive Halo 4 downloadable content including a unique armor skin, a unique weapon
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