Why Resident Evil 7 has shown us we need demos!

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            If you have been living under a rock as of late you probably haven’t heard that Capcom was nice enough to give us a teaser demo for Resident Evil 7. The 7th installment in the series takes a drastic direction change from the rest of the franchise. The game is almost akin to the P.T demo for Silent Hills. Hyper realistic surroundings and close quarters inside of houses and the like. The switch to a first person view, the entire difference in gameplay compared to the rest, it’s a fantastic change for the series in my opinion. If you haven’t played it do yourself a favor and download it, it is quite amazing.

What this shows though is that not only do companies need to take risks on making newer IP’s or at least changing theirs up drastically, but they also need to not be afraid of putting out a demo so people can see if they even want to buy the newest installment. I think they felt the game was good enough even though being quite different that they could warrant spending the money on developing a demo for people to see how great it really is. By all means I’m not a fanboy or even a fan of horror games, I’ve only beaten a few horror games in my life. Those being, Resident evil 1 and 2, Silent hill 1 and 2 (SCARY AS HELL), and the latest being Outlast and its DLC. I do not go out of my way to play horror games.

I remember growing up and all games had demos it was the easiest way to see if a game was even worth your time, take the best parts of your game and slap them into a demo and throw it out there and if its fantastic then it sells like hotcakes, if it wasn’t fun then the rest of the game most likely wasn’t either. In this digital age where most people have insanely fast internet I think these companies can afford the little extra development to cut out some content and slap together a demo for us. No one likes spending $60 only to be completely disappointed and regret everything. Not everyone has the luxury of Steam refunds. (I’m looking at you console gamers!)

Do you agree? Let me know in the comments.

 Why Resident Evil 7 has shown us we need demos!

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