EA Skate 4 may have just been announced.



That was all it took to set twitter on fire for EA Skate fans all over the internet today. An EA Community Manager by the name of Daniel Lingen posted just that in a tweet and it’s blowing up. Even internet celebrities such as PewdiePie himself replied to the tweet. There are some major YouTubers responding, if that doesn’t tell EA that this game has been needed for a long time I don’t know what else will. I personally was a huge fan of the skate franchise and was even an EA Moderator for them for the game. I was flown to BlackBox studios (before they were shut down) to playtest and everything. I’m a dedicated fan so as a fan myself this news has me so hyped but also afraid.

If another developer within EA is taking over, will they do the name justice? Will they steer towards the arcade crowd? Or the realism? Hopefully they can balance both and continue to have the hardcore mode us realism fanatics love. If I could have just ONE thing with this game that I could wish for, it would be for a PC release. That’s all I want. Please be real!


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 EA Skate 4 may have just been announced.

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