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Very few games put a scare in my heart nowadays! But Outlast is one of those games that made me scared to turn a corner! To make a sound, and to even push myself to continue with the story in fear of what other horrible things could happen to me/my character. Fortunately for those on Xbox One Red Barrel’s is offering Outlast free as a part of the Xbox One Games with Gold program! Outlast is going to be available from December 16th until January 15th! Don’t hesitate to download this wonderful horror game, if you like a little fright in your life! Whether you’ve played it in the past, or never had an opportunity to play it before, I suggest taking advantage of those free download, even if you decide to play it later!

For those of you who might not know much about Outlast and what the game is, other than my previous mention of it being a horror game and a rather scary one at that! Outlast is about an Asylum, which was long-abandoned home for mentally ill. The asylum was re-opened for a research and charity group that was a part of a company called Murkoff Corporation, everything was kept very secretive, until now. The journalist Miles Upshur, which is the character you play, received an anonymous tip of information about the Asylum which caused him to break into the facility and try and see what all is happening. He walks into some rather terrifying situations that teeter the line of science, religion, and nature. Once you are in, your hope of escaping truly diminishes, will you be able to?

Check out the trailer for a little more peek, and I cannot wait to see what you all think of the game!

Don’t forget that Outlastis releasing in 2017, what better way to celebrate and prepare?

 Outlast Free on Games with Gold

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