Osiris: New Dawn – Dawn of Aziel Major Content Update

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Osiris: New Dawn  gets the first major content update named ‘Dawn of Aziel‘, and it has officially launched on Steam. This update includes loads of weapons, scientific utilities, rideable Mecha Crabs, and the most important part of this whole update, and the reason for its name, the new frozen world of Aziel. But, there are even more features that have been included in this update:

Key Features:

  • New World: Aziel - Travel to the frozen moon of Aziel, three times the size of Proteus II, and discover new resources and alien creatures.
  • Proficiency and Skill Tree System- Level your character and spend points specializing in combat, engineering, mining and other skills to suit your play style.
  • New Craftable Weapons- Four deadly melee weapons and the powerful Heavy Assault Rifle have been added.
  • Landmines- Whether it’s for base defense or setting deadly traps, having a landmine in the inventory is always useful.
  • Outdoor Utilities: Chemistry Lab & 3D Printer- Craft advanced materials and equipment without the need of building the Hab.
  • New Mineral Resources- New minerals have been added, including rare Azurnium.
  • Osiris Armored Mech Unit - The most powerful vehicle in the game at this time is fully craftable and ready to unleash its lethal arsenal.
  • Random World Events – From radiation storms, meteor showers, and downed satellites, the unexpected is to be expected.

With all the updates included in Dawn of Aziel it almost feels like a whole new game. A whole new Moon is a whole new experience, especially as much as they are adding in with the frozen world of Aziel. I cannot wait to see how people like this content update and enjoy the beauty that is Osiris.

How do you feel about this content update? Have you gotten your hands on it and really played into it yet? What is your favorite addition? What do you wish was changed that didn’t get changed?

 Osiris: New Dawn   Dawn of Aziel Major Content Update

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