No Battlefield Coming in 2017

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Battlefield 1 has really proven to be a huge success from Electronic Arts (EA). The game has been getting rave reviews and much love from gamers and reviewers alike. But that does not necessarily mean that EA will be releasing another Battlefield in 2017. In a conference that was held last week EA chief financial officer Blake Jorgensen mentioned they do not have a new Battlefield in the works for 2017. The CFO said fans won’t see a new version for a couple of years, focusing instead on the launch of Battlefront, the Star Wars game in 2017. Maybe they will even be able to add a little homage to our own Princess Leia, Carrie Fisher.

EA took on a huge battle when they decided to release Battlefield 1 and Titanfall 2 so close to each other. But they really did such an amazing job, and both games are much loved. Both games are so different for the different type of gamers it is no wonder that they do well side-by-side. It definitely does not feel like you are buying into the same game just because they are both from EA.

Battlefield 1 is definitely for the more strategic gamer, each person on the team has a specific role, although sometimes they might not use it properly, they have a role they are intended for. Whereas in Titanfall 2, it is definitely a more fast-paced, adrenaline-charged game that really needs you to move fast, and fluidly to be able to best your opponents.

Which of those EA titles have you preferred this year? Do you prefer the strategy of Battlefield 1, or the fast-pace of Titanfall 2? Do you own both of them for the different play-styles? Are you bummed to know there is not going to be a new Battlefield in 2017, or are you glad? Let us know!

 No Battlefield Coming in 2017

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