Hello Neighbor Alpha 3 is Out

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Old News Alert: But I absolutely love me some Horror/Scary games! So Hello Neighbor just looks so insanely creepy, but in such a good way. I am sure many of you have seen people play it on YouTube, but I am going into this blind! I don’t want to know of anything that is going to happen, I really want to feel the “scared” so to say. So with Hello Neighbor Alpha 3 being released, I imagine more videos are going to surface. For those who have played earlier releases, or know of earlier releases you might be wondering what is new about Alpha 3?

They have advanced the AI, added a large house, and you get a glimpse at surrounding areas. The AI now have a more advanced pathfinding, the AI should be able to navigate multiple floors. The traps system has been updated so it is now real-time. The AI will also place traps based on the environmental changes, not just based on what the player does.

I won’t ruin it all for you, of course! I really want you all to go out there and see what to expect from these new AIs. Just don’t think that you are safe using your flashlight all the time anymore… They see you when your flashlight is on, fair warning.

Have you played Hello Neighbor in the past builds? Have you had a chance to play this build? How do you feel about the game so far? Let me know how you feel about these changes.

 Hello Neighbor Alpha 3 is Out

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