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Over the last couple of days, I have been partaking in the Open Beta for Gigantic, and it has been wonderful, and so much fun! Even when playing alone I am finding myself having a lot of fun in the game and learning something new every time I play. But of course, it is always 100% better when you are playing with friends, which I’ve had the pleasure of doing! The joy of Gigantic is the fact that it is Free-To-Play so any friend you want to play with, you should be able to play with! The only thing holding it right now is that Gigantic is only available on Xbox One and Windows 10 currently, BUT they do plan on having it available via download from Arc so that later versions of Windows will be able to play as well.

For those of you who are not quite sure what kind of game Gigantic is, you are looking at a MOBA, which is done in a third-person shooter style. The cool thing about Gigantic is that you are fighting alongside this large Guardian that you not only fight along with, but you need to protect as well from the enemy team. Now, as mentioned before Gigantic is Free-to-Play, but you can purchase Rubies/Crowns, which can be used to attain characters, skins. But they also offer a Founder’s Pack, which unlocks all 16 current heroes, as well as 4 future heroes. You will also get Limited Edition “Imperial” skins, and the ever-coveted Founder Status! Which gives you two exclusive icons on your account. All of that for $39.99 which honestly isn’t all that bad considering that makes each character around $2 each! Not including skins.

I do suggest giving Gigantic a try while they are in their Open Beta and enjoying the game now! It really is a cool game to give a try, the art style is very cool, and kind of addicting looking at! If you decide to play, let me know! I’d love to game with some readers and really get the views of other’s as well. I look forward to reviewing this game in the future, but for now, just a small first impression, and some news! Watch the Trailer below:

 Gigantic Open Beta

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