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I bring wonderful Holiday News! Although, not everyone’s holidays may include mistletoe, or Holiday lights, a ham dinner, or even that lovely Christmas music we all love and enjoy (unless you are working retail and dream of that stuff). Dead by Daylight is having a free weekend this weekend December 16-18! Not only are they offering a free weekend, but for those who happen to fall in-love with the game this weekend they are also offering a 30% discount until December 19th! Just long enough for you to fall in-love with murdering or trying to run away from a murdering friend, and buy the game to enjoy those times long-past the holidays!

In case you are not 100% sure what Dead by Daylight is a multiplayer game, which in this case is 4 v 1, horror game! One of the players is the brutal murdered/killer, where-as the other 4 are survivors who are trying to escape the killer. The killer can catch, kill, and torture his victims, where-as the survivors can attempt to run for their freedom, or even possibly save some of their fellow survivors (depending on their damage). The survivors play in third-person, which gives them little more situational awareness and surroundings, where-as the killer plays in first-person! Adding to the challenge of capturing his victims.

Let us know if you decide to enjoy Dead by Daylight for yourself with friends/family/co-workers! You may download the game by going to Steam! Have fun, and to quote The Hunger Games, “May the odds forever be in your favor.”

 Dead by Daylight Free Weekend+Discount

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