Miiverse Getting a Redesign

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For those of you in the lovely world of Miiverse then you’ll be pleased to know they are doing a redesign of the Miiverse! Some of these new features are very cool, and I think it is going to make the community even stronger and easier to enjoy! 

One thing you’ll be getting is a Screenshot Album. You’ll be able to save your screenshots to this album to be able to remember all your favorite moments with ease. You’ll be able to save up to 100 screenshots in this album, which can be plenty of room, but maybe you’ll find yourself needing to delete some images if you’ve got a lot to remember. The thing about the screenshot album as well, is the fact that it is private. It will only be viewable to you, others will not see it. So if you have special moments just for you, you won’t have to worry about other people seeing it. 

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Your Play Journal! Honestly, I think this one looks really cool, and especially because it is shared with other people! What you do is you keep a record of your gaming experiences by writing journal entries about the games while you are playing them! Apparently, creating a play journal is going to be just as simple as opening Miiverse during gameplay. Each Play Journal will include a screenshot that shows what was happening in the game when it was written. Unfortunately, those games that do not allow/support screenshots are going to be exempt of this. So, you’ll be able to write the entry about the game, but unfortunately there will be no screenshot shared with the play journal entry for those games that do not allow/support screenshots. 

In the main community for each game, posts are going to be categorized to make browsing easier and more fun. So, you’ll be able to look for the type of entries/posts that you prefer and have more fun interacting with, easier. For more information about everything they are going to do with this redesign, feel free to go check out their more detailed announcement HERE!

 Miiverse Getting a Redesign

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