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Method is World First 13/13

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It’s official guys, Method is now 13/13. For those of you who still play World of Warcraft like myself (whenever I get the chance to), then you’ll know of Method, the Guild that just keeps on rocking these bosses. They have taken World First kill over Archimonde in Hellfire Citadel on Mythic. Honestly, I am kind of nerding out over this news, and I am very excited for Method, but I am also excited to see what guilds follow suit and are able to kill Archimonde in the coming days… weeks? Who knows how long it will take other guilds, they might take a moment because World First is no longer up for grabs (not that it is an achievement anymore I don’t think?) But ultimately, Method has done it! Congratulations to you guys, and I look forward to seeing what the next challenges have to bring your guild. Will anything slow you down even more? For those of you who are number nuts, it took them over 470 wipes in order to finally taken down Archimonde. That is almost 100 more tries than it took them last tier. 

Huge accomplishment guys! Eat all the food, get all the sleep, and do it again for the gear/mount! ;) 

 Method is World First 13/13

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