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Help Stephen Colbert Escape a Man-Sized Cabinet

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We all know Stephen Colbert is a funny fellow, and the Late Night Show with Stephen Colbert is still about two months away from premiering… What better way to satiate our wait than with a game! I’d like to think Stephen Colbert himself made everything about this game, but of course he probably had a team to do it, and honestly I don’t know what all he contributed in it. But regardless, I have played it, and it is pretty stinking funny. 

What is the game about? What could Stephen Colbert possibly do with a game? Well, glad you asked! We have to help him escape from a Man-Sized Cabinet… No, you did not read me wrong. He got trapped/locked in a man-sized cabinet. I just giggle to myself thinking if this were to happen in real life. From previous shows on The Colbert Report, Stephen Colbert had plenty of gaming type people on his show. So, we all know he has some love or respect for the genre that is gaming. Whether he is does a lot of gaming himself or not, I couldn’t be able to tell you. But the fact that he even shows some kind of respect for the medium to do a fun little text based game like this to hype up him coming to the Late Show is pretty stinking exciting. 

Have you played it? Did you help him escape from the Man-Sized Cabinet? Let us know in the comments what you thought about the game, if you thought it was a good little teaser/approach to him coming to The Late Show. 

 Help Stephen Colbert Escape a Man Sized Cabinet

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