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As a gamer we look for ways to make our gaming at least a little more comfortable. Whether that is where we sit, how we sit, all the way to the type of controller we use. Gaming can be all about comfort before you truly get into gaming. I know some gamers even choose their consoles based on how the controller feels in their hands. Remember the days of our rectangle controllers on Nintendo? Or even the three-legged controller from the N64. Sometimes we look back at those days and ask, “How did I play with that controller for hours?” Luckily, we are in a time where you can put add-ons on your controller that add to the gaming experience. Sometimes people use these add-ons purely for comfort, where-as sometimes these add-ons result in assisting making your gameplay better.

Almost two years ago now I had the privilege of reviewing the Avenger Controller. Which, I still have to this day! Now I have the privilege of reviewing their new product the Avenger Reflex, which are for the new systems PS4 as well as Xbox One. I personally used the Xbox One version. Let us not forget, just like with the original, if you are a competitive gamer these are allowed in MLG events. So, get a lead on your competition with this lovely extension of your controller, which is an extension of your own hands, lets be real.

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The first thing I have to say is, Wow. The design got changed up, and it feels and looks a lot sleeker than the previous version! I was really excited whenever I got my hands on it and snapped it onto my controller. The first thing I noticed when I was using the new Avenger Reflex, other than obviously the sleeker feel, was the fact that the new buttons actually felt more intuitive. I felt like they were easier to get used to, compare to jumping from a regular controller to the previous Avenger Controller. Of course I have used the previous version, so maybe I am a little more used to the design, but ultimately when I handed the controller to people who have yet to use the Avenger Controller previously felt the same with me. Sometimes you need a practice round or two just to get a hang of the controls, but sometimes it is like that for any new game as well, same thing for a new add-on for your controller. I think my favorite change with the new Reflex is the trigger/bumped buttons. I feel like they are easier for me to control, especially as someone with smaller hands.

Of course, the Avenger Reflex is really helpful whenever playing FPS games, but I also tried it out with other games. Some people mistake the Avenger series for only FPS games (although their Avenger DeltaSix is definitely an FPS one. *drool*) but it is actually a great add-on for different games as well. Basically the Avenger Reflex adds “shortcuts” to your buttons. It makes the controller more intuitive so that you do not have to move your thumbs from the joysticks just to push a button. There are levers that allow your thumb and other fingers to push these levers while they stay where they need to stay to make the most sense for what game you are playing. Such as in an FPS you can keep turning/looking while also being able to jump/duck in one movement as opposed to risking not being able to turn to do a jump really quickly.

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Over all, just like with the previous Avenger Controller I am honestly very thrilled with what I have gotten. Honestly, I am probably even more thrilled with the Avenger Reflex. I feel like it is more intuitive, the sleekness of the casing is honestly significantly nicer than the previous model. Not to down the other one, but it really looks good against the new Xbox One controller. I feel like it does not feel as bulky as the other one. Now, do I suggest this product? Yes, of course I do. If you play mostly different games and not so much FPS you might think about if you need shortcuts, or would find them useful. But as mentioned before, I think the shortcuts are great, and this is definitely not just for FPS gamers. I just think, like with all add-ons you can get for your controllers, it is all up to the gamer and what would feel best in their hands.

When you order the Avenger Reflex, you can also get it in different themes. You can get blood splatter, red splatter, as well as orange skulls, and then of course you can just get it nice and original, sleek, like mine! This has been a great and cool improvement from the previous version. I have truly enjoyed this version a lot, and I might even say more than the previous version! Get your hands on one, literally.

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 Review: Avenger Reflex

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