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This may not necessarily be gaming related (unless you look at the Harry Potter games), but I truly had to share this because it is so cool, and I think for those of you who have not seen it yet, which I imagine is not very many of you. But those of you who are Harry Potter fans you might really enjoy the Mud in my Blood. Not only do they sell some really cool themed candles, which I am a huge fan of considering I love anything that smells good, but they also do some really cool Harry Potter themed… well, pretty much anything! They have hand sanitizers, even some butter beer that you can make from a concentrate they sell! Honestly, I see a lot of Harry Potter fans throwing their money into this shop, myself included.

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What I think is one of my favorite things about this company, is a lot of their products have super cool themed names. I think that alone is really nifty and shows more knowledge and fun with the Harry Potter theme. Have you gotten your hands on any of this stuff? What did you think about it? Unfortunately, as of now the candles are all sold out, but I shall get my hands on at least one of them soon. But from what I hear… they smell amazing.

 Internet Bytes: Mud in my Blood

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