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Have you ever thought about how instead of fighting over which console is better than the other console; you would rather enjoy both consoles thoroughly? I’m sure it has all crossed our minds at one point in time, or at least enough people for a guy to take both consoles into one body. It might seem crazy at first, but honestly… this is super cool! I definitely would get my hands on something like this if I could. The only thing that is kind of a killer for me, except not at the same time, is because it is built like a laptop. Which is cool, but at the same time for someone who might want a huge screen, not practical?

The guy who made it, Eddie Zarick, says he has no intention of doing another laptop like this one cramming two consoles into the same body in the future. But who knows… maybe he will change those words around and build some more if he makes enough money from it and a big enough demand for something like this. If not, then he is the sole owner of something super cool that I wish I could get my hands on.

Check out the video BELOW to see the PlayBox in working order!

 PlayBox: 4One

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