Video Game Music: Braid

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Aside from being a stellar puzzle plat former, the 2008 hit indie title Braid also featured a fantastic soundtrack.

Among the eight tracks found on the soundtrack, two songs in particular caught my ear. The first is a song entitled Downstream while the second is a song called Lullaby Set. Both were created by multi-instrumentalist and vocalist Shira Kammen.

Now most video games contain original music composed specifically for themselves, however the tracks used in Braid were all licensed. According to creator Jonathan Blow, part of the decision to license music was to reduce developmental costs. Additionally, Blow felt that video game composers did not posses the necessary skills required to create the mood he was looking for.

Blow ultimately settled on eight tracks as that would provide enough musical content to avoid looping. He also noted that the eight tracks sounded “different and interesting” when played in reverse, which adheres to a primary game mechanic of Braid.

Take a listen to the tracks above and let me know what you think. Also check out our other installments in video game music such as Halo and Super Mario Bros.


 Video Game Music: Braid

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