Destiny Pre-Order and Pre-Download

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Microsoft has unveiled the digital listing on the Xbox Live Marketplace for Destiny, which offers players a choice of two versions for pre-order. You will be able to get the normal $60 price for “Destiny Pre-Order Edition” which features the game as well as the Vanguard Armory access. Then you will also be able to get a higher priced version at $90, which is “Destiny Digital Guardian Edition” which includes the game, as well as a reservation for two upcoming expansion and as well as some other bonus items.

No matter which version tickles your fancy, you will be able to download Destiny at some point before the game’s official release date. Of course this doesn’t mean you’ll be able to jump on and play it sooner (although I foresee some people probably being able to bug some things out and be able to play, or maybe even some bans happening from that).  But you will be able to have it downloaded and ready to play the moment the servers go live to the public. Which means no waiting until Midnight to just download however many gigs before getting to play.

What version of Destiny will you get? Why?

 Destiny Pre Order and Pre Download

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