Video Game Music: Super Mario Bros.Theme

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You didn’t think we’d celebrate video game music and not include the finest piece of game music to ever exist did you?

Quite the bold statement, I know, but one that is appropriate when discussing the The Super Mario Bros. theme. Occasionally referred to as the Ground theme, this piece of music has become synonyms with video games. This track has transcended pop-culture, becoming one of the most recognizable tunes on the face of this de mario bros Video Game Music: Super Mario Bros.Theme

Composer Koji Kondo, who also serves as composer to The Legend of Zelda franchise, has stated that out of the six original tracks featured in Super Mario Bros. that the Ground theme was the most difficult and time consuming to create. He also explained how the theme ended up sounding much different than his original creation.

Since its conception, the Super Mario Bros. Theme has been remixed and reused in several other games, including Super Mario Sunshine, Super Smash Bros., and Luigi’s Mansion. Despite the many incarnations, none of them surpass this timeless piece of video game music.

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 Video Game Music: Super Mario Bros.Theme

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