Video Game Music: Halo Theme

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We’re kicking off our celebration of video game music with one of my all time favorite pieces, the Halo Theme.

The Halo soundtracks and more specifically the Halo theme was composed and produced by the duo of Martin O’ Donnell and Michael Salvatori. With each new title in the original trilogy came a different iteration of our beloved Halo theme. The most well known of these versions is the Mjolnir mix from Halo 2, which according to the Halo Nation Wikipedia was played during the 2005 New Years celebration in Seattle, Washington. The song also played while on hold with Microsoft Customer Support.

MasterChief is a Guitar hero by snoggbukker Video Game Music: Halo Theme

Despite being considered the definitive Halo theme, the Mjolnir mix is actually a remix of the original Halo theme, now containing two electric guitars accompanied by Steve Vai. Regardless, the Halo theme has been well received by many, seeing a number of different covers and live performances since it’s conception back in 2002, just check YouTube. In fact, I was actually able to find a few videos where school bands and orchestras had implemented it in to their recitals.

Perhaps its the Gregorian chant or maybe its the electric guitars, but their is something about the Halo theme that just resonates with you. Below I’ve posted a video of the Mjolnir mix, but quite frankly it doesn’t matter which Halo theme we chose to shine the spotlight on, all of them do an exceptional job of personifying the badassery that is Master Chief and the Halo universe.



 Video Game Music: Halo Theme

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