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Trolling Call of Duty on Steam


Now that there is another Call of Duty around the corner (like there is every year), the Steam community has taken advantage of this moment and began trolling the selection on the Steam page. In Steam you can add your own tags to certain games, whether it be to help people find a game of a certain type, or in this case, to troll the crap out of this game.

Currently you will find tags like “point and click, kawaii, casual, kids, fish” and more. Due to these tags that leads to the suggested games being “similar” to this one.. Well, a little AWOL, to be honest. Suggesting anything between kids’ games, to point and click strategy games. Nonetheless, it is pretty funny. Have you added your own tag? Did you decide to troll a little Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare as well? All in good fun at the end of the day, but I still giggle when I see that suggested/similar games.

 Trolling Call of Duty on Steam

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