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Review: NoScope Gaming Glasses

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To my shock and excitement I randomly won a pair of NoScope Gaming Glasses. One of the people I follow on Twitter did a random giveaway for those who follow them, and I got lucky enough to win in on that drawing! I have never had the opportunity or chance to use gaming glasses before, so I was really excited to learn more about these. While waiting to receive them in the mail (snail mail is so lovely to wait on), I did a lot of research and emailed NoScope Gaming Glasses to get more information on the product, so I knew what I was getting in the mail. But also, since I have not had gaming glasses before, I figured… why not write a review for the lovely people here!

The information I got from NoScope Gaming Glasses was really nice and informative. They actually did their research behind these glasses, and even went to a Neurologist for their own problems, where they were suggested to get glasses, but as we all know, there are similar products you can get, that are unfortunately $100+, which not everyone can afford. So, he went and decided to create his own to help those who cannot afford the $100+ glasses, but need them! Whether you are working at the computer, doing loads of gaming, or anything where you are looking at a screen for long periods of time, these glasses are meant to help. But do they?

I used these glasses for over a week now, giving myself some time to get used to the glasses, as I am not used to wearing something when I am at the computer/playing games, it definitely took some getting used to. The yellow tint changes colors, of course, which would throw me off, but it is not so much that you are not okay with the change. After a while of getting used to them, I would forget that I was even wearing the glasses. They are so lightweight and comfortable, that it didn’t occur to me that I was still wearing them in some instances. But ultimately, it honestly did make me feel better when I was wearing NoScope GamingGlasses. I can feel the relief almost immediately, I can feel my eyes relax whenever I have the glasses on, and just everything doesn’t seem so harsh.

As someone who deals with the computer/screens regularly, I really did find that these glasses definitely helped me significantly. Made me feel better, and ultimately I just feel like I do not feel so tired after doing some work. The nice thing about NoScope Gaming Glasses, is they are not as much as the other glasses that do the same thing out there. Which is what they are all about. They want to help you, as a gamer, as someone who works at the computer, as someone who is around computer screens/tv screens a lot, to help those of you who need to be careful with your eyes, but not spend loads of money. I mean, lets face it… spending $100+ on something that is good for your eyes isn’t always a priority for people, I know it hasn’t been for me.

A little more information on the glasses is that you can get them for $19.99 from their website For free you get a microfiber cleaning cloth, as well as a carrying pouch for the glasses. They have a 100% money back guarantee, so if you are not happy, bam, problem fixed. But as of right now, they still have not had any returns, which I think attests to something with their product.

I have to say, their build quality is pretty nice. Of course, it is all plastic, but it doesn’t feel too bad for being plastic glasses, they are very lightweight, which helps you forget that you are even wearing them. But as someone who has a 3 year old, my daughter has grabbed the glasses off my desk a couple of times, wearing them herself, and putting them back, they have survived the crash test when it comes to her, and they are still completely intact. I am quite happy that I got the chance to get these glasses, and look forward to using them as time continues. Do I suggest you getting some NoScope Gaming Glasses? Yes, why not?! I think they are great, they cost a good amount without being too much, but not too cheap to be concerned. I ultimately think this would be a great product for those who are around computers/screens often should have. Not only for your eyes, but the comfort level really does make it all that much better!

 Review: NoScope Gaming Glasses

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