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Flappy Bird Taken Down

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Well, the time has come and gone. Flappy Bird was here, making your lives stressful, and then bam… now it is gone. Dong Nguyen, which was the creator of Flappy Bird makes sure you know through his Twitter, that it has nothing to do with legal issues, and that he still plans on making games, but he is taking down Flappy Bird from the app store (which is now already gone). Also, don’t bother asking about buying Flappy Bird, ’cause he won’t sell it! For those who don’t know, this game was creating him $50k revenue per day via the in-app advertisements, which I am sure you saw, possibly even accidentally hit due to their randomly popping up.

So, if you didn’t get a chance to download the game and play it to “enjoy”… unfortunately you are not going to, unless he changes his mind, but if you already have it downloaded to your phone and didn’t delete it in any kind of rage… it is still there, and playable. But of course, as time moves on and updates are needed, I am sure it will slowly and eventually stop working properly, or very well.

How do you feel about Dong Nguyen taking down Flappy Bird without really any reason? How many people would take down a game when they are making $50k every day? What do you think his real reasons are? Let us know your opinions in the comments below, and you can always check out Dong Nguyen’s Twitter to see how he tweeted when he announced that Flappy Bird would be taken down.

 Flappy Bird Taken Down

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