SimCity Gets Modded


It isn’t very common that you play a PC game without the ability to load up some mods. Sure, there are some games that do not have mods, but that seems like such a rare occurrence now. Actually, some people even look into if the developers offer any kind of mod support before buying into a game. For me, mod support is not a deal breaker, but I definitely do feel like it does extend the life of certain games.

Well, SimCity didn’t seem like the kind of game that you’d see mods in. Mainly because it is the kind of game that is online always. Which would make getting certain mods quite difficult, or modding things without affecting others seemingly impossible, or so it might seem. But recently Maxis has decided they are going to allow mods on SimCity, but of course, there are a lot of conditions that the modders will have to abide by. The developer and publisher “encourage you to create, redistribute and consume mods” and that EA will not “pre-screen, endorse or support any mods.” This is not really any different than any other companies that allow the modding of their games. Sure, companies might reach out and say they think a certain mod is cool, but they won’t ever endorse someone and their mods. Not saying it has never happened, or would never happen, but it is incredibly unlikely. Who is to say seeing a beast mod wouldn’t help someone getting a job, though.

If you want to look at what they expect of you when it comes to the mods, make sure you read their blog post and really check everything out before you just start going mod happy. Because they are allowing mods does not make it free roam. There are rules, and they want to protect the user experience as a whole. So, with that in mind, do you plan on trying to make some mods? Maybe you plan on downloading some mods? What kind of mods are you hoping to see made for SimCity in the near future? Are there any mods you feel are a necessity? Let us know in the comments below!

 SimCity Gets Modded

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