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Tiny Death Star First Star Wars from Disney

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Tiny Death Star is the first Star Wars game that has come from Disney since they bought LucasArts back in 2012. The game Tiny Death Star was made in collaboration with the developer NimbleBit, who made Tiny Tower. As you can tell from the title shot above, Tiny Death Star has the same pixelated style like Tiny Tower, where players are going to be able to build their own Death Star for the dark side of the force.

In case you were not aware, Disney shut down LucasArts as a development studio in April, they are now just a licensing business.

You can download Tiny Death Star for free for iOS, Android, Windows Phone, as well as Windows 8. So, it at least is worth testing out and having some fun with! Never know how the game is actually going to be, and for free, why not have some fun? Let us know if you play it, and how you feel about the first Star Wars release from Disney.

 Tiny Death Star First Star Wars from Disney

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