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Pre Download PS4′s Day One Update

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Are you going to get a PS4 this Friday? Then you might want to be prepared! Knowing how many people are going to be picking up a PS4 on the same day as you, then you do not want to fight people on Sony’s servers to try and get the day one update.

It has been suggested to go ahead and get a thumb drive (USB Drive/Stick) and pre-download the firmware update for the PS4, so that when you do get the system you do not have to wait for some bogged down servers to finally get your update. Just pre-download it onto a Thumb Drive, and then when Friday rolls around you just plug in your memory stick and install the update from the memory stick! No waiting on Sony’s servers, and you will be one of the first people to enjoy your PS4 to the full capability. Not counting the people who got the console early through other means, of course.

So, just make sure you take care of that and you should be able to have a quick and fun time with your brand new console! Are you going to be one of those day one PS4 users? Why are you choosing PS4? Maybe you are getting both consoles? Let us know in the comments below! Are you going to pre-download the update? Or just hope that the Sony servers are prepared for their initial bombardment of people downloading the update?

To pre download the update just go HERE and be prepared!

 Pre Download PS4s Day One Update

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