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The Wolf Among Us is Telltale Games’ new episodic adventure that trades zombies and an apocalyptic world for film noir fairy-tales in Brooklyn. Yes, this is a massive change of pace for Telltale (or for anyone for that matter) and you may be wondering if they can create another game of the year contender or if it is just another attempt to recreate a popular game. So can Telltale create another hit game?

The Wolf Among Us is very similar to The Walking Dead in a number of ways. It is a game based off a pre-existing series, the game is filled with tough and morally questionable decisions, and art styles that mimic a comic. However, it also feels completely different because its a whole new story and a new world to dive into.

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The story takes place in Fabletown, which is located in Brooklyn. In Fabletown you will find all the traditional and non traditional fairy-tale characters. Their true forms are hidden from the real world by “glamour”. You play as Bigby Wolf, the sheriff of Fabletown. As sheriff it is your job to keep all the fairy-tales under control and maintain order by any means necessary, which includes, but is not limited to lying, deceiving, and brutal violence.

The Wolf Among Us is all about the choices you make as you progress through the story. Choices that you may regret or genuinely feel bad about making. Choices that will alter the story for you and how characters perceive you. Yes, The Walking Dead had some serious choices to make, but I would argue that the choices in The Wolf Among Us are far more emotional and thought provoking. These choices paint your very own adventure and really create a tailored story, one that maybe entirely different from your friend’s. The custom story telling is what makes Telltale Games so great.

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The Wolf Among Us also contains a lot more quick time events, and I mean a lot more. It’s present in combat, while on chases, and even during some random moments that seem may make it seem excessive. Also some of the fights are over the top and ridiculous, but in a good way, we are talking about fairy-tales here, so anything is plausible.

Telltale Games created a fantastic artistic style for The Walking Dead and have improved on it for The Wolf Among Us. The game has so much contrast and uses so many colors which really matche the whimsical aspect of fairy-tales, but they’ve also made it dark and gloomy to match the atmosphere of the game. The game truly looks like a motion comic and even though it is very artistic their is still a ton of details.

The Wolf Among Us is amazing, beautiful, and just all around well done. Telltale is creating another game of the year contender, one that may even surpass The Walking Dead. For me I would say this is a game to not miss and one that is worth replaying over and over, just to see how you can change the story. The chapters may be short but they deliver an emotional punch far surpassing many other big title games.

The Wolf Among Us: Chapter 1 is available on PS3, Xbox and PC for $4.99

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 The Wolf Among Us: Episode 1 ‘Faith’   Review

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