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If you are reading this then you may be like me in the sense of searching for the perfect headset that will fit your every need. I personally have gone through a number of them and have had to use multiple headsets for different things. One for my pc, one for travel, one for console, one for work, and one for just around the house. This is honestly overkill and I have always thought – why isn’t there a headset that I can comfortably use for all these things at an affordable price and without much of an issue. You may say that there are headsets that will fix this problem but honestly being a gamer on a budget those options aren’t the easiest options to obtain. So when Plantronics reached out to me about their new RIG gaming headset and how it was portrayed as a headset that can fix all my issues at an affordable price I was a little skeptical. So am I still searching for the prefect headset for all my needs as a hardcore gamer and music listener? You will have to read and find out.

First off an explanation of what the RIG is. It is a headset and mixer that can connect to just about everything. This means it can connect to any of your consoles, your pc, your handhelds and even your phone. The great thing is that you can connect 2 items at once and control the volume between the 2. So say you are playing a game on your 360 with some friends. You are able to use the RIG to chat with your friends as well as hear the game, but at the same time you can have your phone attached as well. With your phone you can listen to music and mix it into the headset. You can also switch where your mic is being used. So you can get a call on your phone and switch from the 360 to your phone and answer the call. So yes, in theory this headset is a solution for all my needs, but this is all just a theory and needed to be put to the test.

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I received the RIG about a week ago and at very first glance i was less than impressed. The packaging was flimsy and it was a pain to get the headset out. I was then confused by all the cords and the mixer. It was a lot to take in for something as simple as a headset.

But then I tried them on and it was magical. They are unbelievably comfortable and light. There is a lot of fabric on this which makes it really comfy. The head band is a nice soft fabric, the speakers are very comfortable and they fit over my ear and honestly it feels like there is nothing there. The only downside of the cloth is that it seems that it falls off my head a little easier than other headsets I have used but I have to move my head in some weird extreme angles for it to happen.

After I was done being excited over the comfort of the headset I started to play with all the wires and mixer that came with the headset. So to start off you can take the headset without the mixer so that you dont have to carry around the mixer everywhere.  The headset wire that connects to the mixer is interchangeable, one wire that contains a boom mic, another that has an inset mic in the wire and then one wire that has no mic. Then there is another cord that has a right and left (red/white) input output so that you can hook up your consoles audio to your speaker and tv at the same time. The last cord will let you use the mic on the 360. So yes there are a ton of cords but it is super easy to swap them out and it really adds a ton of versatility to the product which lets you use it in just about any setting imaginable. Lastly there is the mixer which is the central point for sound control. The mixer will let you mix audio, turn the volume up and down per channel, mute the mic, switch mics between electronics, and control the overall volume.

Both the headset and the mixer are built extremely well, I am not afraid of them breaking because of use and they can definitely survive a number of falls. But, I wish I could say the same for the cords though. They feel flimsy and I feel like I can tear them apart, which becomes a real issue especially since the whole point of the headset is to have the ability to switch between electronics. I can’t confirm that they are easily broken, and I rather not test it, but they just feel like they can break. I am comparing this to wires that are thick and are wrapped in rubber and cloth.

But the most important part of a headset is its sound quality. The RIG has a surprisingly amazing sound quality all around. From listening to music, playing games, watching videos, and talking on chat services  (granted some of these are dependent on connection). There really isn’t anything else to say about this because it is so good. The only down side that is somewhat related to sound quality is noise cancellation. There isn’t any really… Which is rather surprising to me because most modern headsets have some form of noise cancellation. This is my biggest item against the headset and really wished they had some kind of noise cancellation and I can only hope that they add it into the next version because it would make it an absolutely must buy product for all gamers.

So is the RIG a good headset? Absolutely, I would consider it a fantastic headset because of its versatility, durability and quality. But at the same time it isn’t the perfect pair because of the wires and the noise cancellation. But after all is said and done, I absolutely love this headset and would recommend it to anyone who is looking for a new headset.

RIG Headset + Mixer will be available at Amazon.comBest Buy.comand GameStop.com for a suggested price of $129.99. For more information, please visit www.plantronics.com/RIG.


 Plantronics | RIG Gaming Headset Review

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