Must Play Current Gen Games: Mass Effect 2

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It’s hard to single out just one of games in BioWare’s Mass Effect trilogy. However the plot device, combined with everything else we’ve come to know and love from the franchise, has earned Mass Effect 2 our nod as a must play current gen game.

You will play as Commander Shepard as you uncover the galaxy’s greatest threat, the Collectors. Your mission is to launch a full frontal assault on the Collector Base. To stand a chance, you will have to assemble a team of the galaxy’s best.

Personally, the recruiting aspect is why Mass Effect 2 is best game in the franchise. Putting together a team of the galaxy’s best is just so much fun. Choosing sides and picking your allies, while ignoring some others makes for interesting plot developments. Which, by the way BioWare makes full use of. On top of which, like most other BioWare games, Mass Effect 2 is filled with difficult moral decisions, romance, and multiple ways to play the game. Making this game worth all the while.

Remember, we’re not knocking the other Mass Effect games her, but honestly Mass Effect 2 is the best in the trilogy and that’s why we’ve deemed Mass Effect 2 a must play game.



 Must Play Current Gen Games: Mass Effect 2

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