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Bit Talks: What to expect from Steam Machines?


So, I have wanted to have a small conversation about Steam Machines considering it seems like a fairly interesting concept. But I want to know what you think as the consumer as well. Is this going to be a concept that you would willingly buy into? Is a Steam Machine something that you would spend some money to get? With the ability to play PC games on a television, with a controller like any other console… it is quite interesting. But a lot of people already do this, if they connect their PC to a bigger screen and then connect a controller. Of course, the Steam Controller is a lot different than any other controller that people can use on PCs right now, but does that make it enough to want to get a Steam Machine in general?

How do you feel about the Steam Machines? Do you think it might be too gimmicky, or maybe this is going to give people the ability to enjoy their PC games without needing to build a beast PC? That being said, what about the games that are not on Steam? But people connect them through Steam in order to still track their hours, or easier launch abilities? Such as World of Warcraft, you can put it on Steam in order to launch it, but obviously it is not actually available on Steam. This is not the only example, as there are many games like that. But what can we expect when it comes to all of this?

Granted, the Steam Machines were just announced, so there is a lot of time for questions to be answered, but I want to know your opinions as the consumers and what you expect to see with the Steam Machines. Where you see them going, and if over-all they are going to knock out any competition or sit sidelined with another product. Let us know in the comments below. We’d love to see your opinions when it comes to this subject.

 Bit Talks: What to expect from Steam Machines?

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