How Bout a Free Oculus Rift?


Oculus VR CEO Brendan Iribe told Edge online he’d love for the Oculus Rift to be free in the future. “The lower the price point, the wider the audience,” he said.

The virtual reality headset continues to gain momentum, with more game supported being added on a seemingly daily basis. Games like Team Fortress 2, Half-Life 2, and Doom 4 are among the titles playable.

Oculus saw not only a very successful kickstarter campaign with $2.4 million gained from a $250,000 campaign, but last month closed a $16 million round of funding.Oculusside2 610x343 How Bout a Free Oculus Rift?

Right now the device is only available for preorder at Oculus VR’s site for $300, the caveat being they are only available as development kits, not really for consumer level. You could purchase one for yourself, but as their site says, “If you absolutely must have one, please understand that the developer kits are more or less early prototypes of the consumer version and with very limited software/game support when they ship.”

HDprototype 530 How Bout a Free Oculus Rift?

So how could the device eventually be free? For one, it’s easy to envision a scenario where the Oculus Rift becomes the add on with a new console purchase. Instead of a Kinect, an Oculus could be included in your next XBOX purchase. The difficult part there would be keeping the total price point from being too high.

The possibilities for the device are pretty endless at this point. What would you like to use your free Oculus Rift for? Would you prefer one over a Kinect (do I really have to ask)? I think we can all agree the first thing we should do is let Grandma try it







 How Bout a Free Oculus Rift?

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