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Review: The Avenger Controller

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There is a product that I have had my eye on for quite some time, and now I have been lucky enough to review this product. Can I say that it is different from what I expected? This is not necessarily a bad thing, so continue on with this review to see what exactly I mean when I mention this.

So, the product I was given a chance to review is The Avenger Controller. Now, this isn’t actually a controller, but more of a product that goes on your controller, like KontrolFreeks and SquidGrips. Except, this product is much bigger and goes over the whole controller. What the Avenger does is essentially keep your thumbs on your thumb sticks as opposed to moving them to hit any of your “XYAB” buttons, or the equivalent to PS3 “triangle, circle, square, x.”

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The shortcuts that the Avenger creates are a little weird to get used to at first. I found myself not exactly sure how I should hold the controller that would be most comfortable to me, but on top of that I was not sure what position would be most effective when it came to techniques either. I wanted to make sure that this add-on to my controller would be beneficial to my gameplay as opposed to hindering me. So, I gave myself some training matches to see how to hold the controller, what was most effective, and what just felt weird for me and went from there. Soon I was in public matches, and I was actually doing very well considering I was not used to the shortcuts at all.

The shortcuts are pretty simple concepts, but making your fingers do different actions from what you are used to, was the weird part. Such as hitting “B” on Xbox you had to move your index finger up into the bumper for it, or hitting “X” to reload you would raise your left index finger into another bumper to trigger a reload. These were really weird to get used to at first, but whenever I took the Avenger off of my controller I found myself trying to use these shortcuts for a second before moving my thumb to the actual button.

the avenger elite 360 5 680x450 Review: The Avenger Controller

One of the aspects I really liked about the Avenger was the way the triggers are done. There are straps on the back that you can pull to pull the triggers, but you can tighten them and loosen them as preferred. The tighter they are, the less you have to pull the string, the looser the more you have to pull it. I liked that I could have it tight and have an instant reaction to my shot as opposed to needing to pull the trigger all the way down in order to start shooting. I won a lot more gun fights with this feature.

It was really interesting how easy it was to get my fingers doing used to another way of playing. Although it did take a few minutes, it wasn’t something that took me so long, and now I can easily transition to and from the Avenger being on and off my controller with ease.

What do I think of the Avenger as a whole? Well, it is made of plastic, so it isn’t exactly the best material, and I imagine excessive use, or a child getting a hold of it would mean the demise of the Avenger… It also is a plus as well, because then the Avenger doesn’t add any excessive weight to the controller to make it difficult to hold the controller when playing. A lot of people tend to complain about the weight of their controller, even going to the extent of taking out the rumble packs (the things that cause the controller to vibrate) in order to lighten the controller a lot. So, the weight of the Avenger is not really a big concern as it is made from some light plastic material.

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Ultimately, do I suggest the Avenger to you? If you are an average gamer, who might only play occasionally? Then I probably would not suggest it to you. I definitely think this is an investment for someone that games a bit more than maybe once or twice a week. Maybe you are someone that does not game very often, but when you do game you take it seriously. It might be something to invest it. The Avenger is not an expensive investment, and I actually did find the shortcuts to be fairly life saving whenever it came to certain instances as opposed to taking my thumbs off the sticks. It even goes to the point that if you are a gamer that is into competitive gaming, it is legal when it comes to competitive gaming, so you would be able to use it in events like UMG.

I do think the Avenger is a good product, especially for its money. It is a bit cheaper than the cost of a controller (of course depending if you buy a name brand controller or not) at $49.99 for the basic Avenger. There are also other products that you can get on their site, as well as the “Elite Defcon F4” version, which comes with some other products that you might want to look into.

I had a lot of fun learning the Avenger, and definitely think it is a pretty good product for the price. So, should you give it a try? Sure! Why not? Getting a little extra gaming thing is never a bad thing, especially if you can get the edge in gaming without cheating.

 Review: The Avenger Controller

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