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Indie Royale Presents the Lunar Bundle

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The latest bundle from Indie Royale called the “The Lunar Bundle”, presumably because it includes such space-focused sci-fi games as Pid and Cargo Commander. You can get all seven PC games (with some also available for Mac and/or Linux) for a minimum of £3.80 ($5.90), though paying a little more gets you an album.

A puzzle platformer in, which you play a boy called Kurt who’s stranded on a strange planet and must use various tools and gravity-defying beams to make his way around.

Cargo Commander
Explore alien containers floating in space, shooting mutants and salvaging cargo.

Back to the Future: The Game
An adventure game from Telltale Games
Dungeon Hearts
The will have to solve Bejeweled-style colour-matching puzzles to attack enemies, with room for strategy as you chain up different moves and use the multiple heroes together.

The Sea Will Claim Everything
An adventure game that takes place in the “Lands of Dream”, with an emphasis on exploration and storytelling.

International Snooker
A realistic Snooker game in which you can play your way through the career of a professional.

Rhythm gaming and puzzle solving. You place obstacles to direct balls through the right doors, and every time those balls touch something it makes a sound that can be coordinated to play in time with the music.

If you want to buy this great bundle CLICK HERE

 Indie Royale Presents the Lunar Bundle

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