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Launching exclusively on Facebook, GIG IT is an upcoming musically inclined social media game with high aspirations.

With the tagline #thisaintnofarm, GIG IT allows players create their very own virtual music concert. Players begin by choosing an artist and then continue on to create a playlist from artist’s respective libraries. As of right now there are over 50 artists to choose from, among them are hip-hop phenoms  Nas, Talib Kweli, and Kendrick Lamar. After selecting the artist and the playlist of your choice, you will then face the plethora of decisions that go into throwing a concert. Players must choose the stage, the lighting, effects, clothing, background singers/dancers, the clothes for the backups, etc…all of which leads to “millions of possible variations”.

Facebook GIG IT Game GIG IT Upcoming Facebook Game

GIG IT hosted a major press event in NYC last Tuesday and when asked where he got the inspiration to create the game, CEO John Acunto stated that the idea came from observing three major facets of the Internet; YouTube, Facebook, and games. He said artists usually look to YouTube to put out new music and then look to Facebook to promote it. Why not combine the two in the form of one of the Internets favorite pastimes, games!

When asked about the games pricing, Mr. Acunto came off a bit vague, but he did mention the term virtual points. Virtual points are earned by having other players vote for your concert, which in typical Social Media fashion will be posted for everyone to see. You can spend your accumulated Virtual Points on presumably better items to create a grander concert. Furthermore Mr. Acunto mentioned an interesting interactive feature, this innovative feature will allow you to purchase real life versions of the t-shirts that are available in game.

GIG IT 2 GIG IT Upcoming Facebook Game

GIG IT will be launching in May 2013 (in about two weeks) exclusively to the Facebook Browser, so are you looking forward to creating your own virtual concert.


 GIG IT Upcoming Facebook Game

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