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What is Spellirium?
Spellirium is a word puzzle / point-and-click graphic adventure game. Spell words to solve puzzles, defeat monsters, and solve a mystery.

How do you play Spellirium?
Spellirium plays like an old school point and click adventure, there are dialogue options to choose from during a conversation, and there are plently of puzzles to solve. The puzzles are the heart of Spellirium and helps set this title from any other classic adventure. Near the start, you are given a Spellcaster – a seven-by-seven grid made up of 49 tiles – to spell out words for all manner of different reasons.

What I liked about Spellirium
The puzzles themselves not being a filler. The word puzzling is actually part of the story, which makes the whole game really intriguing, enjoyable, and perfect for children to play. Although there’s no sound (being in Alpha) Spellirium does have some fantastic background painting, and lovely character art.

Where can I buy Spellirium?
From the offical website or you can help out at Steam Greenlight.

For a deeper look please check out the video below!

 Looking at: Spellirium

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