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The recently released multiplayer beta for upcoming tower offense title Anomaly 2 aims to remind you that building towers can be just as fun as knocking them down. From 11-bit Studios, as previously detailed in our single player preview, the game follows the remaining members of humanity as they battle an alien force that’s entrenching itself on earth.

MP Anomaly 2: Multiplayer Preview

While in single player the game focuses on the reverse tower defense perspective with players trying to attack an alien fortress; multiplayer allows gamers to assume the role of the aliens, building towers to stop the human side.

The key to victory for either side is to get a certain points lead above the other by way of defeating enemy units. For humans this means to destroy towers, while aliens must destroy human aligned soldiers.

MP5 Anomaly 2: Multiplayer Preview


Each side also depends on independent tech trees to strengthen their forces. Upgrades for both include, faster build times, higher attack power, and more effective special abilities.

Both sides play extremely differently, but rely on a shared approach.Each time one of your units is killed the enemy becomes stronger, so similar to moba games, patience and timing are key and one mistimed move can cost a match.

mp4 Anomaly 2: Multiplayer Preview


While this approach leads to high stakes, risky, split-second decisions, it also encourages slow play, which may turn some players off. Of the two maps included in the beta, the larger map gives the human side plenty of opportunity to turtle around the map and collect in game currency to buy additional units. This can lead to significant downtime for the alien side.

The challenge for 11-Bit will be to balance the action with the setup, and create levels that allow for both sides to act strategically. We will find out how they fare when the game is released some time later this year.

 Anomaly 2: Multiplayer Preview

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