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Hello all, I’ve come back to bring you my first impressions of Warface. In my previous post I mentioned that the beta would be starting soon, and what do you know…I received an email giving me access to the beta, so what did I do? I tried to play until the breaks fell off! So below is my take on some of the mechanics of the game-play and some similarities I’ve picked up concerning over big fps games on the market currently. Disclaimer: this is a quick preview of the game and a more in depth look will happen at a later date.


The surrounding environment is seemingly very open and welcoming. Some areas kind of have the same linear design, and make me think back to the cool ole days of dust 2 in counter strike 1.6. It isn’t just about the surrounding area, but of course how you play missions with others as well as the A.I’s. There are many places to dive behind, and textures are stunning, and eye popping. This isn’t some cookie cutter fps, you have to seriously think about tactics, objectives, and dependable players that will allow you to survive.


This is just a beta right now so take all the things I am saying with just a grain of salt, because who knows what the devs will change during or after the beta; that being said, the game-play is a mix between the Modern Warfare series and Battlefield. Don’t get me wrong, that isn’t a bad thing at all in a fps. The character system is set up like Battlefield 3 in terms of abilities. The medic can revive, the engineer can give armor, and the recon can give ammo. That is something that I’ve found to be a great asset within a fps, as long as it is regulated and have a finite amount of armor, ammo, or reviving abilities given during the duration of each life.

This as you could guess all remind me of battlefield, but I will have to just wait and see how “good” the abilities are. I mean there has to be some sort of limit to how much a person can be revived.  I might of hit a lucky streak, meaning that I fell into a couple of games, that guys were goal oriented and not just running around shooting up everything in sight. I didn’t have time to try all the modes, so most of my experience so far has been from free for all or co-op. There are Storm, King of the Hill, and Capture the Lauch Codes modes as well.

Weapon Customization:

I knew it would be easy, but not this easy, and yes that is really a good thing. One button click and multiple windows come up and you can restructure your weapon to what you find useful for the situation at hand, while your in-game. If you don’t think this is such a great/important idea, then you haven’t play enough fps’s to know what wishing for another weapon/attachment really means. The weapon change is really up to par. I thought at first that it wouldn’t be like it was in the weapon customization video, but it really is just that quick and effective. Once changed, your ready to go out there and lay down some heavy fire on surprised n00bs with no one the wiser.

Conclusion (For Now):

This beta is much more “put together” than I thought it would be. The graphics are great because of the cry-engine 3, and I would expect nothing else from the team. The game feels solid even for a beta, and that’s very impressive; Plus slide shooting always makes me feel like a boss.

 First Peek: Warface

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