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Picture a first person shooter with customizable capabilities similar to that of a MMORPG, along with a little bit of RTS and you will probably have thought up of a game similar to Dust 514. Developed by CCP games Dust 514 will be set in the EVE universe, which was introduced in EVE Online.

The EVE universe is enormous, home to many species and variations of those species. At the beginning of the game you are able to choose your character, bloodline, and cast. Each tied to the EVE universe history in it own unique way. This is where the similarities to that of a typical RPG lie, but don’t worry it doesn’t end there. Each character is fully customizable, that goes for guns and armor as well. Granted there are preloaded options, which are the standard Heavy, Assault, Sniper, and Scout, but once you delve into the game and start earning experience you will be able to customize each gun into the model and the specifications of your liking. The same goes for the armor better known as “dropsuits” in the game. This brings me to the two types of currency within the game, ISK and AUR. ISK is money that you earn by playing the game and gaining experience. AUR, short for Aurum on the other hand is real money that you spend to get your character the latest and greatest tech, just like real life!

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Okay so maybe being able to customize your character isn’t really your thing, don’t worry at its very core Dust 514 is a first person shooter. Nothing really spectacular here on this front, which don’t get me wrong because I think that’s a good thing. The primary controls are similar that of the classic FPS, which by now were all used to. Maps range from small close quarter combat to enormous ones that stretch out multiple meters. How are you going to scale all this ground you ask, simple vehicles. Vehicles range from buggies, air craft, tanks, and drop ships. Oh and as if it wasn’t interesting and chaotic enough, there will be a cap on the number of players, no LESS THEN 64. That’s right all 64 players will be duking it out on the battlefield, well all of them expect two.

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This brings me to the RTS or the real time strategy aspect of the game. The two players, one for each of the teams will be Commander. The Commander will lead from the MCC, the Mobile Command Center. The Commander will lead squad leaders, who are in turn responsible for the other soldiers. The Commander is also able to lay down guns and missiles which also act as spawn points. All this while trying to avoid being destroyed by enemy players because take down the MCC you will win the match.

Dust 514 takes arguably three of the most popular game types today and combines them into one and I can see the potential oozing out of this game.  No release date has been set yet, but CCP is clearly working hard and I am sure Dust 514 will be a huge hit.


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 Dust 514

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