How much does gaming shape children?


I wrote about this same subject for an English presentation and it got people talking about their views. A few years have passed now and I wanted to re-visit this topic. I hope you enjoy it and feel free to post your views in the comment section below.

For years and years now, there has been this false view by the media, central government, and many adults that games rated higher than the printed age certificate should not be played by younger gamers, for fear of 15 year old’s shooting each other or throwing grenades through their neighbours’ letterboxes after sessions with Halo or Gears of War. Time and time again, gaming has been accused of being insightful to violence seen and heard on news channels, the radio and newspapers aired, printed and published all over the globe.

I for one wish to challenge this stereotype, but further, I wish to challenge the people who think that young people’s minds are so feeble and fragile that after playing a game like manhunt, they will suddenly disband all their morals and feelings, completely disregard all sense of reality and vent their sudden thirst for murder through suffocating innocent people on the street.

I feel the media as well as the government are too quick to point the finger at gaming for all the shootings and stabbing which occur throughout the world. The same kind of unfair blame is shoved on to films and music. Of course if an eight year old listens to rap music, they’re going to want to stab their friends at school for…well, being stabbable, or if a 15 year old watches Sin city they will want to re-create the scene at the beginning where a guy jumps through the window of a car, kicking the driver and passenger out the other side.

What these people don’t seem to┬árealize┬áis that most eight year old’s and 15 year old’s know the difference between a computer game and reality. The evidence for this lies in the fact that if this wasn’t the case, we’d all be stabbing and shooting each other, and society would become Rapture.

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“Hello Kitty World really screwed me over as a child”

Therefore, I am of the view that video games do not insight violence, and that a 17 year old playing an eighteen certificate game is, not by anyway, doing anything wrong. In the past I have read an article suggesting that the Wii zapper is teaching children how to aim and shoot a rifle – you can see where this is going.

So the question I end with, including of course the question for the topic, is do you feel the same way? Does gaming come under a lot of unfair blame for things it really has almost nothing to do with? For those under-raged gamers, do you feel the need to creep up behind someone and stab them after playing Splinter Cell? Or do you play games like Resident Evil:UC and Gears of war, simply as a way of having fun and enjoying yourself; exploiting the games which show how far the game industry has come.


 How much does gaming shape children?

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