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Ever dream of becoming a giant ape like King Kong or a massive lizard like Godzilla and just rampage through cities, collapse buildings, crush tanks and eat humans? Who doesn’t, right? You generally don’t get to play the role of the villain in games so that, teamed with the gargantuan size of the characters, really makes this a really unique gem!

RAM1 Retro Review   RAMPAGE (NES)
This memorable two player was an arcade game before it hit the NES with a third character, a giant wolf named Ralph, but he was left out somewhere during the transfer. I would have preferred if he was part of the character select but that doesn’t really mean anything for people who never got to play the arcade game. This version kept many aspects of a vintage arcade game, the second player has to press start during the action to enter the game and Midway also granted us with unlimited quarters, yes, you can continue to infinity! Without the threat of losing all your continues and being forced back to the first stage the game loses that special something.

Now, don’t get me wrong, the challenge is not completely eliminated. Not only is the game incredibly long but in the later stages you will be bombarded with missiles and gunfire, making it nearly impossible to climb buildings and even with unlimited continues you’ll still end up biting the controller at times.

RAM3 Retro Review   RAMPAGE (NES)

The controls are simple, though a little stiff and awkward. One button is assigned to jump and the other for punching and eating. Smashing holes in buildings reveal various edible and non-edible surprises such as food, poison, adult beverages, even ladies in the shower, yum! When you lose all of your health you transform back into a human, naked and ashamed, you cover your private area and begin to cower off the screen. The sound used for the transformation to and from beast are probably the best audio files in the game. Rampage goes best with a friend and some head banging music.

Rampage continues to fulfill that need to destroy with titles that evolved through the generations on consoles such as N64, GameCube & Wii, each with more characters, special moves and so on. During it’s time, the NES title was one of a kind and even though it has it’s faults, Rampage will always hold a special place on our shelves. It’s a title you will never forget and you’ll find yourself yearning for more!

 Retro Review   RAMPAGE (NES)

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