Diablo III Exploit Players Get ‘God Mode’


Apparently there has been an exploit that was discovered by a Diablo III player that gives you temporary invincibility if you are playing a Wizard class in Diablo III. Blizzard has not yet confirmed if this exploit is for real, or if it is a case of someone breaking the game.

While I am not about to repeat the exploit, that you can read here on the Battle.net forums, it apparently only takes give steps to make the exploit actually work. Some people that have posted in the thread since have mentioned they got it to work, where-as others are saying that it is not working for them. Luckily, the exploit seems to be something that has to be perfectly timed, otherwise it will not work. This makes replicating the problem harder to do, so it makes those who are wanting to just cheat, actually work hard for doing it. The player who mentioned the exploit also mentioned that they were “unable to write a support ticket.” This could mean a number of things, one mentioned earlier about them breaking the game.

Of course, there is a downside to everything. If you are one of the people that is actually crazy enough to actually try this exploit then you might want to be careful. ‘Cause you might find yourself getting banned by Blizzard for taking advantage of an exploit that clearly should never have existed. So, stride carefully Diablo III Wizard players. No need to get yourself banned over something that just takes the fun out of the game.

 Diablo III Exploit Players Get God Mode

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