New Frictional Game – A Machine For Pigs?


Frictional Games, the creators of Amnesia, has been leaving teasers and clues for their upcoming game all over the place. The one that has been stirring up everyone’s urge to play detective is the website, featuring an image and just the words “Something is emerging”. The image originally started out blurry, but it’s finally come into focus and features what seems to be a mangled pig corpse hanging around inside a bloody tunnel. It looks nice and gory and a perfect scene to follow a game such as Amnesia. When you clicked the blurry image, it took you to a google map of China. Later on that changed to Boreray Island (which has some gruesome history), and the current one takes you to a location in Seattle, Washington that turns out to be the Smith Tower (which has some details about a chinese room if you read closely). The fan base has been kept quite busy finding all these clues and solving them. They even managed to solve an anagram which delivered this message:

The world is a machine. A machine for pigs. Fit only for the slaughtering of pigs.

As well as:

A Machine For Pigs coming fall two thousand twelve.

machineforpigs 600x399 New Frictional Game   A Machine For Pigs?

machineforpigs2 600x237 New Frictional Game   A Machine For Pigs?

The two concept images shown don’t really reveal anything except to affirm the title of the game by featuring pigs and machines. There is pretty much nothing else known about the game yet, besides the fact that it will be a survival horror. Will it be a whole new game, or just an addon for Amnesia? Why are there Chinese references? Will it take place at a slaughter house? Will the name of the game even be “A Machine For Pigs”? These questions will eventually be answered, but for now you can join in on the discussion at the Frictional Games forums to put in your own ideas or read what theories others have come up with. Until more information is released, all we can do is speculate on what revolting goodness Frictional Games plans to give us.


 New Frictional Game   A Machine For Pigs?


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